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"Showcasing value with creativity"

Showcasing value with creativity

Information For Sellers

We provide unique and effective services for sellers. Over the years we have succesfully represented transactions ranging from less than $50,000 to over $5,000,000. The continuous theme in all these transactions has been to creatively join the potential of each individual property with the ideal visions of the buyer. We specialize in showcasing the value of a property with creativity. Together we will develop a marketing program that is tailored to your specific property and goals. Please see additional information below or refer to our testimonial section for a glimpse of our client satisfaction.


The integrity of a market and a marketing strategy lies in quality product representation and accurate pricing. With over 20 years in real estate and 30 years in architectural and marine design, sales and marketing, we are skilled at understanding the market and showcasing the potential in each property. A large part of what we do is to demonstrate value. We will show you typical market values through a CMA or comparative market analysis. We will then work closely with you to determine other qualities that your property might have that would appeal to a specific buyer. By listening carefully to both buyers and sellers, we are able to match interests and priorities to find creative and rewarding solutions.

The typical process for listing a property with Acadia Real Estate includes the following:

Initial review

First, a preliminary site visit and property tour is scheduled. We discuss your property's features and listen carefully to your requirements for a sale. Together we plan the best presentation of your property and identify and develop a marketing strategy. We also, at this time, analyze the photographic potential of your property and schedule a return visit to capture your property in its best light.

Marketing Proposal

We analyze all of the potential factors we have discussed and present a marketing proposal that addresses the critical items. We then prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the best pricing windows based on current market factors. We review photographic samples and determine whether additional illustrations or other media are required to best represent your property. Next, we design a brochure and present a draft for your review. A typical advertising promotion includes.

  1. Brochure production and printing
  2. (national) and MLS (statewide) multiple listing posting
  3. Broadcast fax to Realtors and Associated Professionals
  4. Acadia RE Roadsign
  5. Newspaper advertising
  6. Web page posting

Specialized Marketing Plans

Acadia Real Estate specializes in providing additional media presentations geared towards properties that are not easily captured by photography. We are able to provide computer aided drawings *and hand drawn illustrations * for these properties. *Depending on the scope of the marketing materials, a one time fee may be required. This fee will be deducted from Acadia RE commission at closing.

Luxury and Waterfront Properties

Luxury and Waterfront properties require additional specialized marketing targeted to out of state markets. With your input and our presentation skills, we will create a program that showcases your property's unique features in a way that will separate it from competing luxury offerings. We are proud of our ability to capture the aesthetic and potential appeal of individual properties. Our design and layout experience enables us to make brochures and advertising campaigns that are individualized.

Broker Participation

We are members of the Maine Association of Realtors MAR and the National Association of Realtors NAR and are fully licensed within the state of Maine. We subscribe to the Realtor Code of Ethics and cooperate fully with all licensed brokers in the state. All listings and property details are submitted to and the Maine Real Estate Information Service MREIS. Each new listing can be e-mailed to individual brokers. Brokers can also access information through buyer searches. We encourage broker participation through equitable commission and information sharing.

Client Representatives and other associated professionals

We work closely with our sellers, their representatives and other professionals required for specific transaction needs. We are experienced in shoreland development and can assist and facilitate services and connections with others required for a successful sale.

Ongoing partnerships

We approach each transaction as an opportunity to develope an ongoing partnership with our clients. Our clients become neighbors. Their success is ours. We work hard to see that our new clients are settled and we remain available long after the sale.

Call Us

Call 207 244 5005 or 207 266 1511 for information regarding current market conditions or to arrange a site meeting. All property reviews are free and qualifying properties can expect outstanding service and representation. Jim Gray can be reached anytime at

We look forward to working with you.